Guided tours in the Hungarian Parliament, Budapest are on a daily basis in most major European languages. Please note that during parliamentary sessions, and other official receptions, the guided tours in the Parliament are cancelled or postponed without further notice.

Hungarian Parliament Stairway

Hungarian Parliament Stairway – Alex Ajagendorf Photography

Guided Tours in Parliament

Guided tours in the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest are offered in various settings.

Please note that as of January 2013, Budapest Parliament tours and parliamentary visits are no longer free of charge to EU citizens.

Booking a Tour Online

The cheapest way to visit the Parliament is to book a tour online via, the official and exclusive ticket vendor to the Budapest Parliament building.

On Jegymester, individual Budapest Parliament visitors can pre-book / buy tickets for visiting the Hungarian Parliament building. The tour is available in 8 languages: Hungarian, English, French, Hebrew, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish. When booking your ticket in advance, you will be prompted to pick your preferred tour language too.

Budapest Hungairan Parliament Online Tickets

Budapest Hungairan Parliament Online Tickets via

During your Parliament visit, you will see the spectacular Main Staircase, the Hungarian Coronation Jewels in the Dome Hall, the Old Upper House Hall of the bicameral Hungarian Parliament, as well as the Lounge. The tour will include information about the present operational rules and procedures of the Hungarian Parliament.

Please note that the 45 min Parliament building tour includes the security check (approx. 10-15 min).

Prices of Parliament Tours

The price of Parliament tickets depends on nationality and age. EU citizens can get a 50% discount on each tour, while EU Students get a 75% discount. The prices of the 45 min tours is as follows:

  • EU Citizens over 18 (full price, Adult tickets): HUF 1750
  • EU Citizens under 18 (Student tickets): HUF 875
  • non EU Citizens over 18 (full price, Adult tickets): HUF 3500
  • non EU Citizens under 18 (Student tickets): HUF 1750
Parliament Budapest Hungary

Parliament Budapest – Robert Marse Photograph 

The Hungarian Parliament tours must be booked in advance due to the limited number of places available on a given day. The tours include both a visit and guided tour around the Hungarian Parliament building, and a guided tour inside the Parliament with a visit to the Hungarian Crown Jewels (can also be photographed).
NOTE: The Hungarian Parliament reserves the right to cancel any Parliament visits without further notice. If you have booked your ticket online, you will be refunded if the Parliament cancels the tour.

Guided tours at the Parliament are in multiple languages:

Short guided tours in the Parliament are also offered for EU citizens. Show your EU passport to proved your EU member citizenship and you can have a free guided tour. You still need to book in advance if you want to avoid the long waiting lines at the Hungarian Parliament.

English: from Monday to Saturday at 10 am, 12 am and 2 pm, on Sunday at 10 am, 12 am
German: from Monday to Friday at 11 am and 3 pm, Sunday 11 am
French 2 pm
Russian from Monday to Friday at 3 pm, Sunday 12.30 pm
Hebrew 10.30 am and 1.30 pm
Italian from Monday to Friday at 11.30am and 4 pm, Sunday 11.30 am, May 1-September 30 Sunday 12.15 pm
Spanish from Monday to Friday at 11.30 am and 4pm, Sunday 11.30 am
Tickets for the guided tours can be bought at Gate 10 (Gate X) a quarter of an hour earlier the tour.

Security Check in Budapest Parliament

Guided tour Budapest Parliament

Tour in Budapest Parliament – di Grimmo Photography

When you enter the Hungarian Parliament building the Guards of the
Parliament will carry out a routine security check. You can only enter the Parliament if you let the guards check you. Just like at any airport, this is a routine check for the security of the building, the Coronation Jewels, and the ultimate political institution of the Hungarian nation. You can speed up the process of the security check if you co-operate with the Guards. Guards will need to check larger bags, backpacks, packages, so if you can, please visit the Budapest Parliament without bulky luggage or carry on bag.

What is Forbidden in the Hungarian Parliament?

Any harmful object that qualifies as a weapon is forbidden to be taken inside the building of the Hungarian Parliament. The list of forbidden items are much like the list of items on airplanes: pocket knife, knife, gas spray, etc. Needless to say, weapons, guns, explosives, pyrotechnic devices are absolutely forbidden.

Changing Time of Parliament Visit

Visitors of the Hungarian Parliament building may change the previously booked time of their tour without an additional charge if they contact the Parliament Tourism department and 3 days before the date of the visit. On please use the administrative interface. You can also contact the Parliament Tourism Office via email ( Please note that the price of cancelled tours is not refunded.

Cancellation of Tour by Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament building visit can be cancelled due to programs of the Parliament or state protocol events even directly before the visit. If the tour is cancelled on behalf of the Hungarian Parliament, the tour price will be refunded to the tourists.

The Office of the National Assembly will release the news of cancellation on the official website, In addition, cancelled dates are published on the booking system interface of within the shortest possible time. If you have submitted an email address during your Parliament tour registration, you will be informed via email. In this case the already paid admission fees will be reimbursed.

Updated about Hungarian Parliament Tours: May 26, 2013