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The Parliament building in London, aka the Westminster Palace by the river Thames was what inspired the architect of the Hungarian Parliament, Imre Steindl. Although the two buildings do resemble each other as both were built in neo-Gothic (Gothic Revival) style, the Hungarian Parliament has several features, most importantly a spectacular central dome, which makes the two parliament buildings unique. The Parliament in London is more like a Gothic castle, while the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is more like a Gothic palace.

Here are some high quality guided tours in the Parliament building in London, and lots of interesting info about parliaments as political institutions in general, as well as the history of England and the UK. The guided video tours of the UK Parliament have been made by the

UK Parliament tour – Welcome to the Houses of Parliament

UK Parliament tour – Westminster Hall
Here is a guided tour in one of the oldest parliamentary buildings in the world

UK Parliament tour – House of Commons Chamber

UK Parliament tour – House of Lords Chamber

UK Parliament tour – Central Lobby
The Central Lobby is where UK citizens can come to meet the House of Commons or the House of Lords:

UK Parliament tour – Bills and Voting

UK Parliament tour – Lobbies

UK Parliament tour – St Stephen’s Hall

And this exhaustive parliamentary guided tour in London would not have been complete without showing the politicians at action. Here are some funny moments from the life of the UK Parliament collected by the

Of course, many Hungarians are also amazed at how Hungarian politicians can lead the country while not often having constructive debates. But even one of the world’s oldest democracy fails to demonstrate proper democratic debates in the house of parliament. Hungary has still a lot to learn to improve its parliamentary sessions – until then, you can enjoy visiting the beautiful building of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

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