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Posted on August 29, 2012 by HungarianParliament in Parliaments

There are so many beautiful photos and postcards of the Hungarian Parliament, but it feels completely different to take a virtual tour inside: this time a video guided tour. Now, let’s take a peek inside the world’s 3rd largest parliament structure, and probably one of the most beautiful parliament architecture in the world.


Michael Palin as a worldwide traveler has been to Hungary too, and took a guided tour in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, in all likelihood, one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world, which currently happens to be the third largest parliament building in the world (following the parliament building in China housing more than 2,000 representatives, and the huge parliament building in Bucharest, Romania*)

Michael Palin, the English actor most known for his Monty Python appearances, learns about the bloody and tumultuous history of the Magyars, and also the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest. This intriguing guided tour video has been produced for the BBC as a travel documentary series entitled Palin’s New Europe.

*Bucharest (RO) and Budapest (HU) are often confused by tourists due to their close similar spelling, and close geo location.

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