Hungarian Parliament – Guarding the Holy Crown of Hungary

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The Holy Crown of Hungary (in Hungarian referred to as the “Magyar Szent Korona”) is guarded in the Dome Hall of the Hungarian Parliament, along with the rest of the Hungarian coronation insignia, which consists of the Hungarian Holy Crown itself, the sceptre, the orb, and the mantle (but the latter is kept at the National Museum).

According to one of the most well known Hungarian crown researchers, Peter Revay

“the Holy Crown is the same for the Hungarians as the Lost Ark is for the Jewish”

Indeed, the Hungarian Crown has been called the Holy Crown since the 13th century

If you visit the Hungarian Parliament building for a guided tour, you will see the following regal items along with the Hungarian Holy Crown: the sword, the Sceptre and Globus cruciger of Hungary (literally called the country’s apple in Hungarian). The Holy Crown has an exciting history, which could make an exciting thriller in itself, which does not show under the glass container.
On 1 January 2000, the government decided to move the Holy Crown of Hungary from the National Museum to the Hungarian Parliament building. In addition to the crown, the sceptre, the orb and the coronation sword were also moved to the Parliament in a great procession between the National Museum and the Hungarian Parliament. But why not the coronation mantle, you may ask? Well, the coronation mantle is in a faint condition: moving about this delicate and quite sizable regal item would be a great risk, so the mantle will remain in a glass vault at the National Museum.

Is it worth taking a tour in the Hungarian Parliament Building? We think so, and not just for the Holy Crown of course, but for the opulent building with its amazing architecture, which makes the Parliament in Budapest one of the most beautiful parliamentary buildings in the world.

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